T29 6" Flap Disc for stone/wood polishing

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HUIXIN
Model Number: HXFD100~180
Abrasive Grain: Aluminum Oxide
Diameter: 100/102mm (4'')
Available Grits: 24, 30, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, Other
Product Color: Brown
Materials Abraded: Glass, Leather, Metal, Non-ferrous Metal, Paint, Plastic, Steel, Stainless, Titanium, Wood, Universal, Other
Type: T27 (Flat)
Backing Plate: Fiberglass

Trade Information

Min. Unit of Measure: Pieces
Min. Order Quantity: 1000
Port: Shanghai
Delivery Time: 30days
Packaging Details: 10pcs in one Plastic shrinkage film
OEM: Yes
Production Capacity: 200000 / Quarter
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T

Product Description

T29 6" Flap Disc for stone/wood polishing


Product  Name:

Fiberglass abrasive Disc/fiberglass flap disc/ abrasive flap disc/ abrasive tools/ abrasive discs


Flap Discs are created by overlapping coated abrasive flaps and fasten them to fiberglass backing plates. This design provides a cooler running, longer lasting disc. And the flaps can be made of aluminum oxide, aluminum zirconia or ceramic material etc.,  These discs are specifically recommended for high stock removal on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and most alloys. It guarantees high flexibility, constant high grinding performance and low vibration running.

The product supplys two designs: the flat form (T27 type) for surface grinding, and the convex form (T28/T29 type) for working on edges.


1)     Excellent polishing;

2)     Self-sharpness and wear-resistant;

3)     High tensile and high bend strength;

4)  High elasticity.


Aluminum oxide, zirconia, silicon carbide.


1)Aluminum oxide: suit for grinding and polishing, carbon steel metal, wood, metal, iron, welding rods etc.

2)Zirconia: suit for grinding stainless steel professionally, aluminium and construction steel, mild steel etc.

3)Silicon carbide: suit for polishing wood, copper, stone, marble, building materials, hard materials, glass etc.

Backing Cover:

Fiberglass cover.


Grit: 36~600#

flaps: 45,72,80,90 flaps or by customers design

Common size: diameter is 110,115,125,150,180mm.


10PCS in one Plastic shrinkage film, one Plastic film in one box, 500PCS in one carton. Or special package by customer’s requirement.

Lead Time:

Within 30~40 days for regular orders.


Shanghai; Nantong

Term  of Payment:

T/T , L/C.



Specification Size(D×H) Grit Max.RPM
Page Type
inch mm
HXFD100 4"×5/8" 100×16 36~400# 15300 72 T27/T28/T29
HXFD115 4.5"×7/8" 115×22 36~400# 13300 72 T27/T28/T29
HXFD125 5"×7/8" 125×22 36~400# 12200 72/80/90 T27/T28/T29
HXFD150 6"×7/8" 150×22 36~400# 10200 90~110 T27/T28/T29
HXFD180 7"×7/8" 180×22 36~400# 8600 110~130 T27/T28/T29

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